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Welcome to Xuzhou National Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.! We offer over 1,000 types of excavator swing bearings and are committed to being a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality engineering machinery components. Our primary products include swing bearings, hydraulic pumps, final drives, swing reduction gearboxes, excavator final drive planetary carriers, hydraulic motors, slewing reducers, travel reducers, gearbox parts, slewing gears, and excavator rotary shafts.

Based in Xuzhou City, China, our company is located in the heart of the engineering machinery industry. Our mission is to provide superior products and exceptional service to our clients, ensuring their utmost satisfaction. We consistently strive for excellence, providing high-performance and durable products to our clients.

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Excavator swing bearing types
Common types include:
1. Single-row four-point contact ball bearings: These are simple in design and suitable for light axial and radial loads, typically used in small and medium excavators.
2. Double-row different diameter ball bearings: These can handle larger loads and offer higher stability, ideal for medium and large excavators.
3. Crossed roller bearings: Featuring crisscrossed rollers, they can withstand significant loads and torque, perfect for high precision and rigidity applications.

4. Three-row roller bearings: These distribute loads across three rows, providing the highest load capacity, mainly used in super-large excavators.
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Excavator Spare Parts ,slewing bearing replacement
Excavator slewing bearing replacement involves several key steps to ensure proper function and longevity. First, safely position the excavator and detach the superstructure. Remove any hydraulic connections and electrical wiring. Unbolt the old slewing bearing carefully to avoid damaging adjacent components. Clean the mounting surfaces thoroughly to remove debris and old grease. Position the new slewing bearing accurately, ensuring alignment with bolt holes. Secure it with new bolts, torquing them to the manufacturer’s specifications. Reconnect all hydraulic and electrical systems, then test the slewing function to ensure smooth operation. Regular maintenance and proper lubrication are crucial to prolong the bearing's life.
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Excavator Slewing Ring,Turntable Bearing Wear Signs
Signs of wear in excavator slewing ring bearings include several key indicators. Look for unusual noises like grinding or clicking during operation, which suggest internal damage. Increased play or looseness in the bearing can be felt as excessive movement in the excavator's upper structure. Visible leakage of grease or oil around the bearing indicates possible seal failure. Irregular or jerky slewing motion can point to uneven wear or internal issues. Additionally, check for metal shavings or debris in the lubricant, a clear sign of internal wear and tear. Regular inspections and timely maintenance can prevent severe damage and costly repairs.

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