Travel Motor Volvo EC700 EC700B EC700BLC VOE 14522564

Categories:Volvo Travel  Motor  Hydraulic Motor  Final Drive
Model:EC700 EC700B EC700BLC
Part No.:  VOE 14522564

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We can provide an extensive range of  travel  motors/Final Drive Assembly/ Travel Reduction gearboxes for excavators.

A travel motor (final drive )is a mechanical device mainly used to drive electric devices such as robots, scooters, and electric bicycles forward or work. Its basic working principle is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate rotational torque, and then reduce the speed through the internal gear reduction device to drive the external wheels or chains to move. Structurally, the travel  motor is usually composed of a high-speed hydraulic motor, brake, planetary reducer, valve group, etc., and adopts a high load-bearing tapered roller bearing design to bear the axial and radial forces generated by the excavator during operation and turning.
Our experienced sales team has a wealth of  travel  final drive knowledge and experience at their fingertips to ensure we fulfil your travel motor requirements quickly and cost effectively.

 Supported  Makes
We currently can provide travel  motors for a wide selection of excavators manufactured by companies such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo,  Case, Doosan, Sumitomo, Hyundai, Kobelco, JCB, Liugong,Sany,XCMG and Hitachi.

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PJ5370175 PJ4890093 EC70  VOE14263523 VOE14345000 VOE14342058 EC390 volvo
 SA1143-01100 SA1143-01090 EC460  VOE14263524 VOE14264393 EC650 volvo
SA14505081 SA14505043 EC55E  VOE14265276 EC300 EC340 volvo
 SA14505081 VOE14500160 SA14505043 EC55 VOE14268106 VOE14214704 EC130C volvo
 SA7117-30050 SA1143-01270 EC210  VOE14265276 EC300 EC340
 SA7117-34050 SA1143-00111 EC240  VOE14344114 VOE14344115 EC280
 SA8230-33470 VOE14524182 EC135B  VOE14344120 VOE14346193 VOE14268381 EC280
 VOE14528733 SA1143-01060 VOE14524182 EC140B  VOE14505081 VOE14505043 EC55B volvo
EC700 EC700B EC700BLC VOE 14522564  VOE14522565 VOE14522564 EC700B volvo
 VOE14214704 EC130 EC150 VOE14521839 VOE14522919 VOE14528280 EC290B
 VOE14214704 VOE14268106 EC150C EC130C  VOE14528733 VOE14514895 VOE14533649 EC160B
 VOE14215438 EC200  VOE14528260 VOE14528281 EC330B EC360B volvo
VOE14261093 EC230B Excavator final drive ec210  VOE14528733 SA1143-01270 VOE14524184 VOE14533651 EC210B
 VOE14263523 VOE14264392 EC450 VOE14528733 VOE14520965 VOE14533650 EC180B
 VOE14531093 VOE14508165 EC460B  VOE14528735 SA1143-00111 VOE14524185 VOE14533652 EC240B
 Volvo EC150, Volvo EC150LC travel drive unit: SA7117-30011,Volvo 150 : 14216035,150C, Volvo 150  gearbox: 14214704 motor: 14268106 Volvo 160 travel drive unit: 14370176,
Volvo 160BLC/BNLC travel drive unit: 14515045, 14528730,
Volvo 160CL/CNL travel drive unit: 14538585
Volvo 180BLC travel drive unit: 145212111, 14528731,
180CL 14538586
EC210/F/LC/NLC/BF/BFX/BLC/BLR/BNLC/BNC/CL/LD/LR/N/NL SA7117-30030, 14525366, 14528732, 14528930
Volvo EC 200/200B travel drive unit: 14528732 Volvo EC 235/235-C travel drive unit: 14550250
Volvo EC210,  EC210F, EC210LC,  EC210NLC, Volvo EC210BF, EC210BFX,  EC210BLC, Volvo EC210BLR, EC210BNLC, Volvo EC210BNC, EC210CL,  EC210LD,  EC210LR,  EC210N, EC210NL : SA7117-30030, 14525366, 14528732, 14528930. EC290,290LC, 290LR, 290NLC: final drive: SA7117-38001, Track drive: SA7240-10402, gear box: SA7117-38050,
EC290BFX ,EC 290BLC: SA7117-38020, VOE14521691, VOE14522894, VOE14551154EC290 BLR , EC290 BNLC: final drive: VOE14509996, VOE14521389, VOE14528280.
Volvo EC 240/LC/LR/NLC/B/B-LC/B-LR/B-NLC/C/CL/C-LD/C-LR/C-NL  SA7117-34001, SA8230-21631, 14528734, 14533652, 14528258 Volvo EC R88 part numbers for travel drive unit: 14516538, travel motor:14520757
 EC360,  EC360LC,  EC360NLC,  EC360B,  EC360B-LC, EC360B-LR, EC360B-NLC,  EC360C  EC360CL EC360C-LD, Volvo EC360C-LR, Volvo EC360C-NL  EC 360  SA7117-45010, 14551150, 14566400, 14513049, 14521695, 14522994
Volvo ECR 145  14573820, 14614941 Volvo G726 travel drive unit: 12725795
EC460 EC460B VOE 14508165 EC460 EC480 EC700 EC700B EC700BLC VOE 14522564
EC460 EC480  14733880 14727995 EC460 EC460B 7117-38020 EC290 Final Drive Assembly Vol Vo
 EC460 EC460B  VOE 14508165 14522563 Vol Vo EC700BHR EC700C EC700B
EC290 Vol Vo Excavator Final Drive  7117-38020 14551154 14524707 14522894 14528257 14521691
Motor EC360C EC360B EC290B  14528259 14513049 14521695
 Vol Vo Excavator EC290B EC330B EC360B EC360C  VOE14551150 14528260 14528281
Vol Vo EC290B 7117-38020 14551154 14592030  7117-38020 14551154 14592030
EC460 EC460B VOE 14508165
EC210BLC VOE14533651 EC210BLC VOE14533651
R140LC-9 R140-9 31Q4-4003 Travel Motor Assy R140LC-9 R140-9 31Q4-4003
E349D2 209-5992 215-9982 E349D2 209-5992 215-9982
VIO50-3  TM06F MAG33VP-550F-10 Reducer VIO50-3  TM06F MAG33VP-550F-10 Reducer
E349D2 MCA250 MOBA250 390-1088 E349D2 MCA250 MOBA250 390-1088
EC210BLC SA1143-01270 Hydraulic Travel Motor EC210BLC SA1143-01270


 Motor& Gearbox Available Model:

EC13 XR EC13 XTV EC14 EC140 EC140B LC EC140B LCM EC140C L EC140C LM EC140D EC140D LM EC15 XR EC15 XT EC15 XTV EC150 EC15B XR EC15B XT EC15B XTV EC160B EC160B LC EC160B NLC EC160C L EC17C EC180 EC180B LC EC180C L EC180D EC18C EC20 XT EC20 XTV EC200D LR EC20B XT EC20B XTV EC20C EC210 EC210B EC210B LC EC210C L EC220D EC220D N EC220D NL EC235C LD/NL EC240 EC240 LC EC240 LR EC240 NLC EC240B EC240B LC EC240B LR EC240B NLC EC240C L EC240C LD EC240C LR EC240C NL EC25 EC280 EC290 EC290 LC EC290B EC290C L EC30 EC330B LC EC330C L EC330C LD EC35 EC35C EC360 EC360B LC EC360B NLC EC360C HR EC360C L EC360C LD EC360C NL EC380D HR EC460 EC460 LC EC460B LC EC460C L EC480D HR EC480D L EC50 EC50 VV EC55 EC55-2 EC55B EC55C EC55-EU EC60C EC70 EC70 VV ECR145C L ECR235C L ECR28 ECR305C L ECR38 ECR88 ECR88 PLUS FC2121C FC2421C FC2924C FF3329C PL4608 PL4611 ECR145D L EC140D L EC240LC EC240BLC EC240CL EC240CLD EC240CLR FC3329C EC210C N

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