Excavator Gearbox Parts Planetary Gear Carrier

Excavator Final Drive Planetary Carrier

Planetary Sun Gear Carrier Assy for KOMATSU HITACHI DOOSAN CAT KOBELCO VOLVO SUMITOMO JCB Excavator Final Drive Planetary Carrier

The planetary carrier serves as a crucial element within the planetary gear transmission system of excavator reducers. It is responsible for transmitting power from the hydraulic motor to the drive sprocket, allowing the excavator to move.

It accommodates the planetary gears or load bearings, distributing the load evenly across each gear and wheel. Essentially, it bears the majority of the mechanical stress as the fundamental mechanism of the transmission. The design and construction of the planetary carrier play a pivotal role in ensuring optimal load distribution and structural integrity.

A well-designed planetary carrier should be robust, durable, and rigid, capable of withstanding heavy loads and ensuring smooth operation. Various configurations, including three-plate split types and single-side plate types, offer versatility in meeting different application requirements.
Excavator Gearbox Parts
Final Drive planetary gear carriers

Excavator Gearbox Parts Planetary Gear Carriers


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