Excavator Swing Shaft Slewing Gear

Excavator Rotary Shaft Slewing Gear

The rotary shaft, also referred to as the slewing shaft or swing shaft, is responsible for connecting the slewing/swing gear to the excavator's upper structure, enabling its rotation.

  • The slewing/swing gear is the outer ring gear that is rotated by the planetary gear system in the excavator's swing/slewing mechanism.

  • The rotary/slewing/swing shaft is the shaft that the slewing/swing gear is mounted on, allowing the upper structure of the excavator to rotate 360 degrees relative to the lower undercarriage.

  • The rotary shaft transfers the rotational force from the planetary gear system to the slewing/swing gear, enabling the excavator's upper structure to swivel and change direction.

  • Rotary unions are often integrated with the rotary shaft to allow hydraulic fluid, power, and data signals to be transferred between the rotating upper structure and the stationary lower undercarriage.

  • In summary, the rotary shaft in an excavator is a critical component that connects the slewing/swing gear to the upper structure, facilitating the 360-degree rotation of the excavator by transmitting the power from the planetary gear system.
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Excavator Slewing Gear

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Excavator Swing Shaft Slewing Gear

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