DX340LC Dx350 Dx420 Swing Motor Assy for K1004824E K1004825B K1007543A

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DX340LC   Dx350 Dx420
K1004824E K1004825B K1007543A

Choose Your Brand of Excavator Parts

We can provide an extensive range of  Swing Motor/Slewing Reducers / swing reduction gearboxes for excavators.

Swing motors (sometimes called slewing reducer) provide the powerful turning force of excavator booms using hydraulic oil
pressure and are finely engineered to ensure trouble-free operation and performance.

Supported Makes

We currently can provide swing motors for a wide selection of excavators manufactured by companies such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo,  Case, Doosan, Sumitomo, Hyundai, Kobelco, JCB, Liugong,Sany,XCMG and Hitachi.

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K1043595 K9006211A DX60R 2101-9002 2101-9002A 21019002 21019002A SOLAR 55-V
 170301-00008 170301-00009 17030100008 17030100009 DX140LCR 2401-9291 2401-9309A 24019291 24019309A SOLAR 400LC-V
K1004160A SOLAR 225LC-V  2401-1273E 2401-9309A 404-00095B 24011273E SOLAR 420LC-V
 2404-1063I 2404-1063J 24041063I 24041063J SOLAR 225LC-V  401-00302B 401-00272 40100302B 40100272 SOLAR 420LC-V
401-00391 401-00391A 40100391 40100391A SOLAR 225LC-V  2404-1066A 404-00062 24041066A 40400062 SOLAR 150LC-V
401-00290B 401-00290C 40100290B 40100290C SOLAR 225LC-V  401-00003B 404-00062 40100003B 40400062 SOLAR 155LC-V SOLAR 140LC-V DH150LC-7
 401-00325G 401-00290A 40100325G 40100290A SOLAR 225LC-V  401-00126 401-00126A 40100126 40100126A SOLAR 250LC-V
 401-00325C 401-00325E 40100325C 40100325E SOLAR 225LC-V  401-00035A 401-00036G 40100035A 40100036G SOLAR 170LC-V
 401-00289C 401-00325B 40100289C 40100325B SOLAR 225LC-V  404-00096B 401-00230 40400096B 40100230 SOLAR 300LC-V
130426-00004 401-00289B 13042600004 40100289B SOLAR 225LC-V  401-00224G 404-00089B 40100224G 40400089B SOLAR 300LC-V
170301-00010 170301-00011 17030100010 17030100011 SOLAR 225LC-V  K1000350 K1033589 SOLAR 500LC-V SOLAR 470LC-V
401-00290C 401-00391A K1004160A 40100290C 40100391A SOLAR  2401-9304B 2401-9304C 24019304B 24019304C SOLAR 500LC-V
401-00289C 401-00325G 40100289C 40100325G SOLAR 225LC-7A  401-00249B 401-00249C 40100249B 40100249C SOLAR 500LC-V
 170301-00010 170301-00011 17030100010 17030100011 SOLAR 225LC-7A  401-00247E 401-00247G 40100247E 40100247G SOLAR 500LC-V
170303-00027 130426-00016 17030300027 13042600016DX700  401-00247B 401-00247C 40100247B 500LC-V SOLAR 470LC-V
 130426-00016A 13042600016A DX700  401-00267A 401-00298E 40100267A 40100298E SOLAR 340LC-7
170301-00047B 170301-00046 17030100047B 17030100046  40100247C SOLAR 500LC-V SOLAR 470LC-V
170301-00156B 17030100156B DX530LC-5B 401-1266J 2401-9309A 404-00094B 24011266J 24019309A 40400094B SOLAR 340LC-7
MFB80-043 RG04S-152-07 MFB80043 RG04S15207 SOLAR 130-III 401-00290C 401-00391A 40100290C 40100391A SOLAR 230LC-V
 2302-9003B 2101-1025 23029003B 21011025 SOLAR 280LC-III 2101-1025I 2101-1025K 21011025I 21011025K SOLAR 255LC-V
2401-1166 2401-9141A 24011166 24019141A SOLAR 280LC-III  401-00317A 401-00316A 40100317A 40100316A SOLAR 255LC-V
2401-1248 2401-9219A 24011248 24019219A SOLAR 220LC-III 401-00351C 401-00403 2404-9007 40100351C 40100403 24049007 SOLAR 75-V
170303-00003 17030300003 DX140LCR doosan  401-00086B 2404-1063I 40100086B 24041063I SOLAR 225NLC-V
2401-9304 2404-6010B 24019304 24046010B SOLAR 450-III  401-00036J 401-00036K 40100036J 40100036K SOLAR 175LC-V
 2401-1280C 2401-1280E 24011280C 24011280E SOLAR 450-III  401-00387 401-00387B 40100387 40100387B SOLAR 175LC-V
 2401-9202A 2401-1280 24019202A 24011280 SOLAR 450-III K1002518A K1002518B 401-00457B 40100457B DX300LC
 MFB250-010 MFB250010 SOLAR 330-III  401-00477J K1045919 K1045024 K1038203 DX225LCA DX220LC (DTC)
 2404-1063E 2404-1063G 2404-1063I 24041063E 24041063G 24041063I SOLAR 220LC-V  K1000350 K1033589 DX520LC
2401-1223B 2401-1269N 24011223B 24011269N SOLAR 220LC-6 K1000350 K1033589 DX480LC
 2101-1025G 2101-1025H 2101-1025I 21011025G 21011025H 21011025I SOLAR 290LC-V  K1000758C K1000758E K1000757A DX480LC
 2401-1228A 2401-9247 24011228A 24019247 SOLAR 130LC-V  K1003297C K1007543A DX420LC
2401-1266H 2401-9291 2401-9309A 24011266H 24019291 24019309A SOLAR 330LC-V K1004824E K1004825B K1007543A DX340LC
 401-00298E 2401-1266G 40100298E 24011266G SOLAR 340LC-V  K1007543A 2181-1110D10 404-00094B 21811110D10 40400094B DX350LC
404-00094B 401-00298A 40400094B 40100298A SOLAR 340LC-V K1006574C K1006575C K1006576A K1007545 404-00094B DX380LC
2401-9309A 2401-9279A 24019309A 24019279A SOLAR 340LC-V  K1010120C K1010121B K1010121C K1007950A K1004037A DX255LC
 2404-1063G 2404-1063I 24041063G 24041063I SOLAR 220N-V  K1011374A K1011374B NA00918 DX35Z
2401-1269E 2401-1269G 24011269E 24011269G SOLAR 220N-V  K1013610C K1023902A K1023902B K1000697A K1013561 DX180LC
 2404-6010E 2404-6010H 2404-6010I 24046010E 24046010H 24046010I SOLAR 450LC-V  K1015489C K1015490 K1015490A K1000697A 404-00097C DX225LC (DL06 ENGINE)
 2401-4020 2401-9166 2401-9166A 24014020 24019166 24019166A SOLAR 400LC-III K1016315E K1016316B K1016316C K1000101 K1007357B DX160LC

Motor& Gearbox Available Model:

DH50-7, DH55D, DH60-7, DH80, DH130, DH150, DH150W-9, DH215-5, DH200-5, DH150LC-7, DH215-7, DH220-5, DH220-7, DH220-9, DH220-10, DH225-9, DH258, DH258LC-7, DH280, DH290B, DH300-5, DH300-7, DH320, DH360, DH370, DH500, DX300
R60-7, R80, R130, R140, R150-7, R150-9, R1107-7, R160-7, R210, R220, R220-7, R215-7, R220-5, R225-7, R225-9T, R225lc-7, R290, R350-7,R110-9, R215-9, R275LC-9, R305, R305-7, R320, R335-7,R360, R370, R375, R375-7H, R455, R460, R485-7
EC130, EC140B, EC210B, EC210C, EC235C, EC240B, EC290, EC290B, EC290C, EC360B, EC460B, EC460C, EC480D
E305, E320, E325C, E315C, E330C, E315D, E320D, E325D, E330D, E360D, E70B, E120B, E200B, E320B, E330B
PC35,PC40,PC45, PC50, PC55, PC60,PC60-6, PC70, PC75, PC78, PC80, PC90, PC100, PC110, PC120, PC120-7, PC130, PC150, PC160, PC180, PC200,PC200-6, PC200-7,PC200-8, PC210-8, PC220-6,PC220-7,PC210, PC220, PC230, PC240,PC240-8, PC270, PC300, PC360,PC360-7, PC350, PC400, PC450, PC650, PC750, PC1250 D31, D50, D65, D85, D155, D275, D375, D475
EX200-2, EX220-2, EX120-5, EX200-5, EX220-5, EX400-5, ZAXIS200-3, ZAXIS210-3, ZAXIS240-3, ZAXIS 270-3, ZAXIS330-3, ZAXIS360-3, ZAXIS110, ZAXIS120, ZX200-6
SK200-3, SK200-5, SK135rs, SK70rs,SK60,SK120-5, SK200-8, SK250-8, SK260-8, SK130-8, SK200-6e, SK210-6e, SK160
CX130,CX800 CX800B ,CX490C CX500C,CX470B CX470C CX500D,CX350B CX350C CX360B,CX210D LC CX230D,CX180B CX160B,CX240D CX300 CX290D
SH120A2/A3,SH130, SH200A2/A3, SH210A5, SH240A3, SH360A5
JS290,JS190, JRC0007 JS220LR JS220  JS180 JS145 JS360

Excavator Final Drive

Excavator Final Drive

With over 1000 types of swing bearings available, we provide unparalleled choice and flexibility.Whether you're in the market for CAT, KOMATSU, HITACHI, HYUNDAI, KOBELCO, VOLVO, DOOSAN, JCB, CASE, LIEBHERR, LIUGONG, SANY, YUCHAI, XCMG, SUMITOMO, or any other leading brand, we've got you covered. 

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