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We can provide an extensive range of swing reducers / swing reduction gearboxes for excavators.

Swing motors (sometimes called swing drives) provide the powerful turning force of excavator booms using hydraulic oil
pressure and are finely engineered to ensure trouble-free operation and performance.

Supported Makes

We currently can provide swing motors for a wide selection of excavators manufactured by companies such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo,  Case, Doosan, Sumitomo, Hyundai, Kobelco, JCB, Liugong,Sany,XCMG and Hitachi.

Related JCB Excavator swing motor  Assy

JRA0124 JRA0264 JS200  JRC0007 05/903860 05/903866 JS220HD
05/903866 LNM0438 LNO0111 JS200  215/13801 JS360 XD
 LNO0111 05/903860 JRC0007 JS200  215/11292 LNM0444 KBC0085 JS260
 LNO0104 20/925360 JS145 AUTO JS115 AUTO  20/925809 JRC0008 JZ255
 LNM0610 20/950743 JAC0001 JZ70  20/925809 JZ235
 LNM0610 JS70  20/925738 JLB0237 JS190 T3
 LNM0449 KLC0008 JS180 20/925738 20/925574 20/925738 JS180T3
 LNM0449 JLC0007 JLC0008 JS160  20/925615 05/204700 05/204700 JS290
 LNM0438 LNO0111 JRC0006 JRC0007 JS210  20/925574 20/925738 20/925533 JS190
 LNM0438 JRC0007 JRC0006 KRC0129 JS220XD  20/925574 20/925738 JS160T3
 LNM0434 JS130  20/925738 20/925533 JS180
 LNM0197 KNC0037 KMC0071 JS110 20/925574 20/925533 20/925738 JS180
 LNM0197 KMC0071 KNC0037 JS130AUTO  20/925570 JZ140WM JZ140R JZ140HD
 LNM0197 KLC0001 KMC0071 JS150LC  20/925533 20/925738 JS160
 05/202400 KTC0140 KTC0141 JS460  20/925360 LNM0434 LNO0104 JS145HD
 KTC0137 215/11174 05/202400 JS460-T2  20/925360 20/925737 JS130LC
 KTC0113 KTC0136 KTC0112 JS450LC  20/925315 JRC0007 JS220LR JS220
KTC0113 KTC0127 KTC0126 JS450LC  20/925266 LNM0433 JS240
 KSC0196 JS330AUTO  KSC0198 05/200100 JS330XD
 KSC0166 KSC0160 JS300LC  05/903860 JRC0007 20/925315 JS220
 KRC0120 KRC0108 JS200LC 05/903860 JRC0007 20/925315 JS235HD
KAC0106 JS70  05/903860 20/925315 JRC0007 JS220LR
 JRC0007 05/903866 20/925315 JRC0007 JS235  20/952286 05/205900 JS360
JRC0007 20/925315 JS220HD  05/202603 05/205900 05/202600 JS360
 215/10366 KSC0196 05/200100 JS330  215/13801 20/952286 JS360

Motor& Gearbox Available Model:

DH55/60/80,R60/80-7 SK60-5 JMF29 Swing motor
EX75US-5, EX75UR-5 & ZX75US KX75 EX60-5 4364923 Swing motor
SH130-5 CX130B JCB130 SH120 LJ016070 /LJ00855 20/925360 LNM0434 Swing motor
JCB220 20/925315 JRC0006 Swing motor
SH200A3 KRC0226 Swing motor
CX210 LJ01076 Swing motor
CX210B KRC10190 / 91 Swing motor
DX340 1X420 404-00094A Swing motor
DH300-7 DX300LCA DX300-7 401-00457B Swing motor
EC300 volvo VOE14231304
CAT312 E312C/D 170-9893 169-5569 Swing motor
E320B 116-3550 Swing motor
E320 C/D 1588986 Swing motor
E330C/D E336D/D2 200-3373 334-9973 Swing motor
PC300/360/400/450-7/-8 706-7G-01170  706-7K-01081 Swing motor
EX200-5 4330222 Swing motor
ZX200-3 ZX210-3 4610138 Swing motor
ZX240-3 ZX250-3 ZX240-3G, ZX240-5G 4625367 Swing motor
ZX270-3 4621174 Swing motor
 ZX330-3 4419718 4616985 Swing motor
R140-7 31N4-10130 Swing motor
R210-7/R215-7/R225-7,R200W-7 R180LC7, R180LC9, R200NLC3, R210LC 31N6-10210 31N6-10160 31EL-12060, 31Q5-10160, 31EL-12060, 31EM-10120-03 Swing motor
R210LC-9 31Q6-10131, 31Q6-10130 Swing motor
R250-7/R260-9/R265-7 31N7-10160 Swing motor
R290/R305/320-7 31N8-12020   31N8-12010 Swing motor
R360-7 31NA-10160 Swing motor
R450-7 R500-7 R480-9 R520-9 31QB-18130,31QB-18160, 31QB-18130, 31QB-18270, Swing motor
SK135 YY15V00005F1 31QB-18250 & 31QB-18270 Swing motor
SK200-6 SK210-6 YN32W00004F1 Swing motor
SK200SR, SK200LC-6ES SK210-6E  E215 YN15V00025F1/F2/F3/F5
YN15V00026F6 YN15V00026F7
Swing motor
SK200-8 SK210-8 E215B YN15V00035F1 Swing motor
SK250/260-8/SK250-6E E265B LQ15V00015F2 Swing motor
SK330-6E SK330LC
SK330-8 SK350-8 HD1430 ZX350
LC15V00022F2 YN15V00036F1
Swing motor
New holland E305 LB15V00011F2 Swing motor
DH225-7 DH210 DH220 K1000697A  K1007950A Swing motor
  EC160B EC180B 14524189  14514894 Swing motor
EC210B 14550091/14521451   14552686 Swing motor
EC240B/C VOE14550094 Swing motor
DH220-5  DH300LC-V 2404-1063B  40400096B Swing motor
EC290B 14550095 Swing motor
EC460B  EC650 VOE14235261  VOE14214158 Swing motor
DX225LC K1045024 170303-00049/B/C Swing motor

Excavator Final Drive

Excavator Final Drive

With over 1000 types of swing bearings available, we provide unparalleled choice and flexibility.Whether you're in the market for CAT, KOMATSU, HITACHI, HYUNDAI, KOBELCO, VOLVO, DOOSAN, JCB, CASE, LIEBHERR, LIUGONG, SANY, YUCHAI, XCMG, SUMITOMO, or any other leading brand, we've got you covered. 

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